Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's up with Food Storage?

Food storage, nobody really thinks about it these days. If you need something you just hop in the car, drive to the store, get the $5 item you needed and about $95 of stuff you didn’t. Then we rinse and repeat and next thing you know, the United States is throwing out as much food as it consumes. In fact we throw out so much food it would feed several 3rd world countries. Don’t believe me; go ask the guys at the landfill, they have to track that kind of stuff.

So what does food storage have to do with that you ask?

If we organize our food, keeping track of what we have and how much we use, first we save money.

How many times have you run to the store because you were out of something, come back, and while you were rummaging for something else found the thing you thought you were out of?

It happens a lot. If you know what you have there is less waste, less is hauled to the landfill. Plus you use less gas, contribute to less traffic etc.

Could you feed yourself or your family with what you have on hand for three days? And I’m talking three full squares a day. A fairly simple thing really.

Yeah but I can just run to the store you whine.

What if the car is in the shop for a big repair?
What if your little town was hit by a tornado and there was some big damage?
Current example, what if you’re snowed in and they have called off school?
Here are a couple sites you can look at from some gals who are letting people learn from their trial and error.

Food Storage Made Easy

Everyday Food Storage

Dare you to try and do it…I am.

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exconsulto said...

You are absolutely right. Too much food being "stored" on grocery and convenience store shelves, too, only to be discarded when it's past it's prime or expiration date. More waste. When I was learning home management, we were taught to make a week's menu list and go to the store ONCE. I did that for years when I was still the grocery buyer in our house. Lots less waste and lots less impulse buying, lots less gas used and lots less time wasted.