Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting healthy accountability.

So Mel says I have no one to keep me accountable for working out. She doesn't want to do it. So I figured who better than the world. Here its is I will post a comment for everyday I work out and if I don't, except for Sundays, people can gripe at me and ridicule me into doing it.


304 Ugh

35 minutes on th Wii
10 push ups
50 crunches


Jason Palenske said...

Did a lot of walking and cleaning around the house, no weight change. Ugh.

Jason Palenske said...

Scratch that, did 37 minutes on the Wii, tried out the biggest loser workout, so far so good.

Jason Palenske said...

I have to admit I think the Biggest Loser Game for Wii is more effective than Wii Fit.

Jason Palenske said...

Well the biggest loser and the new diet is working, I'm now at 299. Yay!